Tool hire Pembrokeshire

Here are the full details for all our products – Tool hire Pembrokeshire.  All prices exclude VAT.

Our Products

Drilling & Breaking

13mm Chuck Cordless 14.4/18v Drill/Screwdriver
13mm Chuck Percussion Drill
13mm Chuck Angle Drill
Dry Diamond Core Drill – 152mm capacity
Light Duty S.D.S. Rotary Hammer
Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer S.D.S. MAX
Medium Duty Breaker
Heavy Duty Breaker
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Breaker (petrol)


Cutters & Grinders

125mm/5″ Angle Grinder (electric)
230mm/9″ Angle Grinder (electric)
300mm/12″ Disc Cutter (petrol)
350mm/14″ Floorsaw (petrol) (blade extra)
Tile Cutter (manual)
Tile Cutter – Heavy Duty (electric)
Brick & Block Cutter (manual)
Bolt Croppers
Metal Nibbler – 2mm capacity



Plate Compactor
Rubber Mat (for Block Paving)
Trench Compactor/Rammer (petrol)
Single Drum Roller – 55cm (petrol)
Single Drum Roller – Breaker
900mm Ride on Roller
1200mm Ride on Roller


Garden Equipment

Cultivator (5hp petrol)
Cultivator (8hp petrol)
Heavy Duty Brushcutter
Lawn Mower Rotary (petrol)
Lawn Mower Rotary (driven)
Lawn Scarifier (petrol) – Heavy Duty
Turf Cutter (petrol)
Hedge Trimmer (electric)
Hedge Trimmer (petrol)
Long Reach Hedgecutter (petrol)
Leaf Vacuum/Blower (petrol)
Flame Gun (gas)
Post Hole Borer (hand)
Post Rammer
Sprayers – 2 gallon back pack
Roller (water filled)
Seed/Fertiliser Spreader
12″ Polesaw (petrol)


Decorating, Cleaning & Floor Maintenance

Wallpaper Stripper (electric)
Hot Air Paint Stripper (electric)
Tacker/Stapler (hand) – Staples extra
Tongue and Groove Nailer
Tile Cutter, Rubi (hand operated)
Tile Cutter (electric) Diamond Blade – Heavy Duty
Carpet Stretcher
Sack Barrow
Roughcasting Machines
Carpet Cleaner (electric) – Solutions extra
Vacuum Cleaner – Heavy Duty
Vacuum Cleaner – wet and dry
Floor Scrubber/Polisher
Pressure Washer (electric) – Heavy Duty
Pressure Washer (petrol)


Concrete Mixing, Laying & Finishing

4/3 cu.ft. Mixer c/w Stand (electric)
4/3 cu.ft. Mixer c.w Stand (petrol)
Vibrating Poker (petrol) 25-65mm
Power Float (petrol) Blades extra
Power Float Dish/Pan
Electric Poker


Compressors & Air Tools

8.0 cfm Compressor (electric)
Spray Gun
Air Hoses


Excavators & Dumper Trucks

Mini Excavator – 3 ton
Mini Excavator 1000kg (700mm wide)
Mini Excavator 360 Rubber Tracks – 1,400kg
Dumper Truck 1000kg – 4 Wheel Drive Skip Loader
Powered Wheelbarrow
Dumper Truck – 3000kg
2 Ton Mini Digger


Generators, Welding & Lighting

Generator 2.2kw (petrol)
Generator 5.0kw
Arc Welder 40-200 amps (electric)
Mig Welder 150 amps (electric) No Gas (Wire extra)
3.3kva 240-110 volt Transformer
5kva Transformer
Extension Lead 110/240 volt
4 Outlet Junction Box 110 volt
500 watt Tripod Floodlight (electric)
Plasterers Light
Inspection Lamp (electric)
Lighting, Festoon, String 30m, 110 volt


Heating & Drying

3kw Radiant Heater, Small (electric)
3kw Infra Red Heater, Large (electric)
Cabinet Heater (Butange gas)
Space Heater 30,000 BTU (Propane gas)
Space Heater 80,000 BUT (Propane gas)
Space Heater 150,000 BTU/Hr (Propane gas)
Dehumidifier, Small (electric)
Dehumidifier, Large (electric)
Fume Extractor


Plumbing & Pipework

Stillson Wrenches
Pipe Bender (hand) Copper Pipe 15-22mm
Pipe Bender (tripod) Copper Pipe 15-42mm
Pipe Vice and Stand
Pipe Threader (hand rachet) set 1/2 – 2″
Pipe Threader to 2″ (electric)
Blow Torch (Propane gas extra)
Drain Stopper/Bung 4-8″
Drain (Sink) Cleaner (manual)
Drain Rods (set of 10 rods) c/w tools
Manhole Keys (pair)


Water Pumps

Submersible Water Pump 50mm (electric)
Centrifugal Pump 50mm (petrol) 2″
Additional Delivery Hose – 10m


Wood Working Tools

Palm Sander 1/4 Sheet (electric)
Orbital Sander 1/2 Sheet (electric)
Random Orbital Sander
100mm/4″ Belt Sander (electric)
75mm/3″ Belt Sander (electric)
200mm/8″ Drum Floor Sander
180mm/7″ Floor Edging Sander (electric)
Floor Sander & Edger Combination
180mm/7″ Circular Saw c/w TCT blade
230mm/9″ Circular Saw c/w TCT blade
Jig Saw
Reciprocating Saw
75mm/3″ Power Plane
Heavy Duty Plunge Router 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Collet
Mitre Saw
305mm Compound Mitre Saw (110v)
Heavy Duty G Cramp (each)
Floor Board Cramp (each)
Sash Cramp (each)
Tongue & Groove Nailer


Access & Support

Double 3.6m/12′ Push Up Ladder
Double 5.5m/18′ Push Up Ladder
4.8m/16′ Aluminium Roof Ladder
Ladder Stand Off
Aluminium Platform Step Ladders
13m Platform Hoist – Towable
3.0m/10′ Lightweight Staging Boards
4.2m/14′ Lightweight Staging Boards
5.5m/16′ Lightweight Staging Boards
6.2m20′ Lightweight Staging Boards
Acro Props – All sizes
Scaffold Boards 13′
Single Width Alloy Tower
Alloy Tower – Variable 6.2m Platform
7.5m Platform
Various Heights Available – Please Ask!


Vehicle Workshop Tools

Engine Crane
Trolley Jack 2000kg S.W.L.
Axle Stands (pair)
Ramps (pair)
Battery Booster Charger



DX450 (Nails extra)
Cable Avoidance Tool
Optical Site Level (Cowley)
Pallet Truck – 2000kg capacity
Plant Trailer
Paslode 1M350 Nail Gun
Plasterboard Hoist
Heavy Duty Mixing Drill
24v Bosch Power Tools – Please Ask
Patio Heater (gas extra)
Auto-feed Screw Gun
Bitumen Boiler

Weekend rates = 1st day rate x 1.5. Friday evening to 9am Monday morning.

General Information

Deposits: Credit Cards:
A deposit is required at all times. All major credit cards accepted.
Cheques: Cleaning:
All cheques must be accompanied by a current bank card. A charge will be made on any item of plant hire returned in a dirty condition.
Delivery: Off Hire:
Carriage can be arranged on all items of tool hire. Charges vary according to distance. All tool hire items requiring collection by our transport needs to be confirmed in writing, or by telephoning the office. All plant hire remains the responsibility of the hirer until collected.
Monthly trading accounts are welcome. All we need are two trade references and one bank reference. A copy of our General Conditions for tool hire Pembrokeshire are available on request.

Your Insurance

Please ensure that you are covered for all risks in respect of the use of any tools. In particular, we remind our customers that you are responsible for theft or accidental damage while our items are in your possession.

Health & Safety

In order to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, we recommend the use of protective equipment. Goggles, masks, coveralls, etc. are available in our Goodwick store, for all your tool hire Pembrokeshire needs.